IMG_0063Did you know its random acts of kindness week?  I just stumbled upon the topic on 2.13.12, day one of the special week.  You can read more here…Home | Random Acts of Kindness

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with kindness?  We decided use 2.14 as a day to be creative in kindness. The goal: 14 acts of simple kindness.

1.) I brought morning treats to my office mates at work.

2.) I wrote and mailed a letter to a dear friends’ father who is ill acknowledging that he is a brilliant father to my friend and her siblings.

3.) We delivered a collection of photos and mementos to the son of a friend.  We lost her at the tender age of 41 and a bright light went out that day.  She was an awesome role model in kindness.  I wrote a letter to her son about all the  proud moments that his mom had mentioned to me over the years.

4.) Because there can be a dark side to love, we assembled and delivered a box of soaps, lotion, toothbrushes and other supplies to a shelter for women suffering from domestic violence.  We added food the box after calling to see what they really need.

5.) We donated 14 books to a local library that we love.

6.) We made a stop at Goodwill to donate outgrown clothes and unnecessary clutter.

7.) We shopped at the same Goodwill and acquired a piece of furniture I will be “up-cycling” soon.  I will feature it here on the blog someday!

8.) I sent a package of tiny treasures to my nephew in an attempt to execute a little angel work on behalf of his mom. She isn’t here to shower him with hugs and kisses (and homemade Valentines) so I made a card for him using her scrapbook paper.

9.) I took the girls to Burger King for treats in an attempt to pay the bill of the car behind us to accomplish the “random” part of our mission.  Well, apparently there are not many visitors to Burger King on Valentine’s Day as there was no car behind us.  We will try again today.

10.) We donated blankets, toys, paper towels, rawhide bones and Clorox wipes to our local Humane Society.  Our lovely dog was a Humane Society rescue (below).  We said hello to all the dogs and prayers that they find their way to wonderful homes.  We almost took a dog named Billy home.

missy nose

11.) I mailed a check to support a friends’ Bowl for the Cure team.

12.) I left a bottle of wine and chocolate for a friend on her doorstep.  I knew she had a long day at work and class in the evening.

13.) We stopped by an Aveda salon and dropped off the plastic bottle caps we have collected from our home and office.  Google “recycle caps with Aveda” for more information or comment here and I will include details if this is something you would be interested in doing.

14.) I decided I will be running the Milwaukee Marathon in October 2012 in support of team Ann’s Hope raising funds for melanoma research and education.  Read more ann’s hope !   Join me?   I will let you know when I set up my sponsor page in case you want to support my fundraising effort.

I hope the universe showered you with love today.  I also hope you catch our kindness fever and spread some random acts of kindness this week.  Cheers to love… and kindness!

I look for hearts in my world.  Below is my current collection of heart photos!

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