3 x 3 heart leaves

I am going to turn things upside down here and start with a song.  And, deliver it in 3 flavors.  It’s like 3 for the price of one.  Except the suggestion is free, as always.  I recommend sampling the 2 Cellos song rooted in these lyrics first:

I’ve been roaming around,
Always looking down

at all I see…

use someday

Play the original, angelic or complex rendition and tell me which one wins the honor of your favorite.  Likely it will be three-way tie.  The Jansen cut is like a cupcake, all sweet and dreamy; while the 2 Cellos literally transform melody to ballet.  The Kings simply “own” the song and today when I listened to it, it was as if the song provided a portal to where my memories live.  I was transported to a long-ago class reunion where I was laughing with my friend Julie.

 –  –  –

In my last post I mentioned our recent visit to Photoville in Brooklyn.  Please stick around for the 3 things I didn’t have time to tell you about in my last post.

#1.) I feel in love, love, love with a photo.  I found it in the Instagram exhibit.  A little background…


Source: @Shineonyoucraydiamond via Instagram photo featured in Photoville

Source: @Shineonyoucraydiamond via Instagram photo featured in Photoville

Thank you @shineonyoucraydiamond.  Your photos are a pure joy.

#2.) I met photographer Tara Israel!  She appears in the photo below, far right, as she explained her photos to me!!!

photoville 2014

Doug Kuntz and Tara Israel photos featured at Photoville, 2014.

Doug Kuntz and Tara Israel’s “then and now” photos were featured in the Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories exhibit.  (Don’t you love the title?)  It was ebb and flow:  Doug Kuntz’s  photos from 30 years ago sat next to Tara Israel’s current images.  The photos depict decades on the water with same subject matter: Long Island fisherman.

#3.) I found the diverse mix of methods for displaying photos inspiring.  The Faces of the Ferry exhibit motivated me to come home and try to create a little gallery of my own.


Faces of the Ferry


I started by printing 3 of my photos at Office Max (11 x 17 in black and white).  I also picked up a few supplies at Home Depot and found that the metal straps cost less than the super magnets ($4).  I added a little spray paint to the metal strips but mostly this was a light assembly project.

photoville inspired project

Put it all together and wallah…  a new method for displaying photos on a red blank wall in my house.  I can swap out the photos easily and for once in my life I didn’t use a hammer or nails.  It also enabled me to move a few more photos from my Mac to my life.  Try this inexpensive project and send me a message if you have questions!

IMG_0028 IMG_0031 IMG_0039

– – –

I will leave you with a bowl of accidental philosophy.  Think of it as 3 cups of wisdom, courtesy of David Millar’s sentiments on creativity.

Like a wind filtering through the trees,
it awakens one to an unknown awareness.
Left alone, it grows with abundance,
to analyze it suffocates its beauty.
It is not a conscious effort,
but an inspiration from afar.
Without love it is impossible,
with love it is immovable.
It is not the sum of one’s experiences,
but a leap of consciousness.
Without it there is no vision,
with it there is wonder.
To evolve we must harness it
because our lives depend on it.

Except, I can’t leave you just yet.  I have to tell you about the Chinese version of 3 because it is simply beautiful.  It’s pronounced as san but cleverly reads as 三.

You are once, twice, three times my favorite if you made it to this last sentence.

xo xo xo