img_2301What do you collect and savor?  I officially collect heart rocks and I secretly collect something else.  This hobby feels vulnerable and silly.  Three deep breaths and let it be known that I have a strong fascination and affinity for… img_9226

Tissue Paper!  I adore it.  And, I save every scrap of it I can find.

The Creative Virtues of Tissue Paper

The creative lessons of tissue paper just might apply to life.

1.) Be flexible.  I admire its go-with-the-flow nature. It is the free-spirit of the paper realm and it never gets bent out of shape.  It can twist like my idols in yoga class.

2.) Be transparent. I admire its authentic transparency. It has no hidden agendas and it adds amazing depth when I am creating encaustic art.

3.) Be vulnerable.  Tissue paper should be packaged with a “be gentle” label.  This lesson carries into our everyday interactions.  Imagine a world where we all honored a “be gentle” mantra.

Here are five project ideas to illustrate the way tissue paper might weave its way into your life.


1.) Cover a candle.  Plain pillar candles take on a new dimension with a wrap of tissue paper.  I applied a dot of glue to the paper’s corners to lightly attach the tissue paper to the candle.  Next you will need a heat gun to gently melt the candle’s exterior.  The candle wax actually absorbs the tissue paper like a magic trick.  Click here for more information if interested.


2.) Give a clock a makeover.  I picked up this clock at Goodwill for $3.99 and remodeled it with my Mackenzie-Childs tissue paper.   The first step was applying white paint to cover the pink stripes.  Tissue paper is transparent so the pink stripes would likely be visible through the tissue paper.  The paper’s flexibility allow for bending and adhering to the nooks of the clock’s wooden base.  I used Mod Podge to attach the tissue paper.


3.) Customize a pumpkin.   I started with a plain artificial pumpkin from Hobby Lobby.  Cover the surface of the pumpkin with small segments of tissue paper using Mod Podge.  Looking for more pumpkin projects?  Please click here.


4.) Go big and cover a moose!  This began as another Hobby Lobby investment in the faux taxidermy department.  Tissue paper and paint provide a whole new look.

moose faux taxidermy

5.) Create a custom photo mat.  My daughter made a ticket collage inside the mat.


Bonus!  I recently altered this retro chalkboard for my studio!  I started with a coat of black chalkboard paint to cover the green board.  Tissue paper covered the old oak frame.

chalkboard makeover


Want to explore creating with tissue paper?  My 3 favorite tissue paper sources include:  1.) Brave Girls Club 2.) Mackenzie-Childs and 3.) Etsy.

This song was on repeat in my studio today: “Live It Well” from Switchfoot’s new album, “Where The Light Shines Through.”

Go be whimsical!