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Welcome!  I believe our souls thrive when we listen and respond to our internal creative whispers because creativity is the sacred thread of life.  When we honor our creative nudges, magic unfolds.  Beginning in 2012 I devoted time each day to a creative activity.  A lofty goal on January 1, but as the days unfolded, joy settled in.  I discovered that giving my ideas space to breathe provided a wonderful portal for connecting with my family, friends and other kindred souls.  Thank you for visiting and I hope you find a dose of inspiration in the DIY Gallery.  You will find a collection of DIY tutorials, a side of accidental philosophy and most posts finish with a song.  Grateful you are here… and I hope you will stop back or subscribe to receive regular updates.  My goal is that by sharing my creative journey it will inspire you to give your creative spirit wings!

wonder. create. inspire.

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My home-base is in Wisconsin where I live with my husband, teen daughters and our dog.

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I believe there are no coincidences.

I have a sweet spot for candy: have you read the fine print on a box of Gobstoppers?  Feed your imagination!

I love to travel, meet new people and hear their story.

I love to run, paddle board… and I adore yoga!

Creating music compilations & playlists make me happy! Concerts really make my heart sing.

I believe that living a creative life means you are living its length and width.

I look for heart shapes: here, there and everywhere.  It is a practice I launched in 2006 as a journey through grief; but it still sustains me.  

All you need is love.  And faith.



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