The chill arrived.  Now if only I could… well, you know, chill.  I have been labeled (lovingly I hope 😉 “high energy” since early in life.  I have vivid memories of Sister Damien, my middle school teacher, and how much she appreciated how I get really excited about random things.  Kidding!!!  Yet, across the seventh grade hall Mrs. Picerno channeled my creative energy into a year-long endeavor with a spiral notebook (my journal) which I filled with quotes, Bible verses, stickers, doodles and middle-school rambling based on her prompts.  It is a sweet memory from a turbulent time.

I recently got re-acquainted with the magic of a journal thanks to Brene Brown via her online class, The Gifts of Imperfection presented by Oprah’s Life Class.   She is reawakening the powerful practice of synchronizing my thoughts and images.  More on that topic another day!

But the chill thing… Last night my rhythm went something like this…. Dear Family:  I’ll totally watch this movie with you, but do you mind if I cut these book pages into spirals?  Will the smell of my glue gun be a bother?  Does the glow of my laptop screen affect your movie experience?   Annoying?   I know.

My book page flower recipe (of course you could use newspapers, magazines, etc.)…

1.) Grab a cd or DVD (aka circle template) and trace its pattern on a book or magazine page.  I am using my beloved The Head & The Heart cd, Let’s Be Still as my template and leftover book pages from the table project. The title track is fantastic by the way and serendipity in light of my chill project.  I started with the Show Gratitude chapter in a nod to our recent thankful holiday.


2.) Spiral cut your circular shape while listening to Let’s Be Still. I use my imagination on the spiral versus measuring or using a pencil to mark my spiral cut line.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Note: I am officially embracing imperfection thanks to Brene Brown!


3.) Using a tweezers, clamp the outside edge of the spiral and start folding the paper wrapping it around the tweezers’ tip, round and round you go until you land in the center circle.


4.) I use the small circle on the inside of the spiral as the “flower” base.  I apply my glue gun to bang it all together.  Careful – this is a sloppy method and I have burned my fingers a few times!




Perhaps creating is how I chill.

I hope your holiday season is one of connection, instead of chaos.

I hope you are embracing your inner child and finding wonder in the hustle.

I hope your spirit is filled with light and love!

AND, I hope you find time to create something as the holiday season swirls around you.

Book page flowers, perhaps?


Everything is merry and bright.