bright light clouds

Heart in the sky.

Looking to the sky for answers.  I missed the last few days of August with a heavy heart.  Oh how I wish there was a way to understand why horrible things happen to wonderful people.  Why, oh why?

– – –

Dear Beautiful Sky,

Help us to understand why.  Please intercede to heal heavy hearts.

With love,


– – –

Well they say that it’s a fact
If you watch the sky at night
And if you stare into the darkness
You might see celestial light
And if your heart is empty
And there’s no hope inside
There’s a chance you’ll find an answer in the sky
You don’t need a prayer
And there’s no price to ask why
Sometimes you’ll find an answer in the sky
And it’s all so much bigger than it seems
And it all overwhelms us now and then
And I’m banking on a chance that we believe
That good can still control the hearts of men
All life is precious
And every day’s a prize
And sometimes you’ll find an answer in the sky
Answer in the Sky music: Elton John
Lyrics: Bernie Taupin
Piano, vocals: Elton John