I stopped at our local Anthropologie recently and stumbled upon these…. Swoon.  When my fellow shopping friend inquired about purchasing the window decor she was informed that they were created by a local artist (but the name wasn’t mentioned) and that they weren’t for sale; however, they often donate store decor for charitable events in the community.  Good to know for the upcoming I Back Jack golf outing scheduled for September 10, 2012… Click here for details: School Golf Event – I Back Jack !

The inspiration.

Anyway, since we couldn’t purchase these beautiful blooms; I decided to try to create them, enlisting the girls to help.  I purchased paper locally at Monograham in Delafield.

The first cut blooms using Smock paper!

It was a Edward Scissorhands’ type experience with a lot of heart-to-heart conversations throughout the “construction” phase.   Eventually, the project blossomed.

The project started as a bouquet.


Link to Monograham here:  Curated Paper & Gifts, Custom Invitation Salon – Monograham