Balance is not about walking around with a

bunch of “positive” happy qualities;

it’s about walking the tightrope between the poles

within us and the circumstances outside of us.

True balance means we can embrace and love

the most topsy-turvy parts

because they offer gifts for full, authentic living.”

Marney K. Makridakis

No clever balance project to connect with this wise quote.  I just saw it today and loved it (seriously, don’t you just love it?).  Today I am working with a piece of MDF I found at my local Home Depot.  I have been reading on other blogs about stores like Home Depot that offer a customer service option of cutting any wood you purchase.  I am no expert on the topic but I took a baby step in finding out more today.  I found a piece of MDF board in a scrap pile at Home Depot labeled $0.51.  Yes indeed, 51 cents.  So even though I wasn’t making a large investment in “wood” I did ask the fellow in the orange apron if he could cut the piece into three equal segments.  Guess what!??  Not only did he cut it, he measured to ensure the precise division into three equal parts and the fee for the three pieces remained… 51 cents.

I feel like I just gained an assistant as I now have a go-to person to help with my projects… and he is just up the road at my local Home Depot.  Happy dance in the lumber aisle and my brain was racing with what I would tackle next (new frame for a mirror?  new shelfs?  kitchen table (ok, I got a little enthusiastic there, clearly there will be no kitchen table building in my future).

The starting board…

I spray-painted one piece with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Granite, applying a couple of coats.  I then painted this old frame (below, switching from white to black). I used a sand paper touch on the edges to distress it a bit.

I glued it to the wood thereby creating a problem if I ever want to swap out the photo…

Drying on the floor in my creative room…

This was a pin I wore long ago. Originally it was gold. I spray painted this too.