The finished product!

We will be spending time this week in Oak Brook, IL for Elleri’s ballet camp.  Sometimes we will drive home; sometimes we stay in Oak Brook.  The area has every restaurant you can imagine and every store you might love.  My primary role here is to deliver Elleri to the appropriate locations for her classes; provide her with meals and since this is not an “overnight” type of camp, I secure her lodging!  I have also designated myself as her encouragement captain when she is exhausted or nervous in this sometimes intensive environment (no yawning, no talking, no sitting).

I am trying to resist filling the time in between with eating and shopping; instead I am trying to catch up on work, reading, running and creative projects (not necessarily in that order :)!

Our day started with a 4:55 a.m. leaving our house to travel to Oak Brook for an early start for ballet camp.  We are traveling with the dog for the first segment of ballet camp and the temperatures are in the low 100s.  We were creative in negotiating an early hotel check-in (10:45!) as a life-saving measure; we were melting wherever we went outside.    I have never loved air conditioning more than today.  And, if Missy could talk, I believe she would agree.

Of course I packed fun supplies for this short trip!  I created this little treasure in about ten minutes.  I found this adorable paper at Paper Source on my last trip to Oak Brook.  Today I trimmed it and attached it to a blank light switch plate; giving it a fun texture, color and more custom look.

The supplies…

The bamboo paper!

The finished product!