Inspired by the clever belt buckles I saw on many of the riders during the Hits Horse Show in March, I am attempting a couple of my own.  Using some of my photos from the Hits Horse Show we attended in Ocala, Florida in March I am starting a gift for a friend.

Allison’s design and creation… brilliant, huh?  I love how this was worn on the side of her hip.  Hip, indeed!

I was privileged to meet a real artist in Ocala, named Allison!   Not only is she a talented creative genius she is so quick-witted that I recommended she pursue stand-up or jump right into comedy television.

Inspired by Allison’s belt buckle designs, I ordered a set of buckle forms from Etsy.  Using paper and photos I attached the paper images to the inside of the belt buckle “shell”.  After mixing the resign I poured it over the paper design and set the buckle on a foam source to keep it level and stationary.  I have been on bubble watch for a few hours.  When I notice a bubble appearing, I remove it with a tiny toothpick tip.

Gathering supplies….

Mixing equal parts for the resin.

Stirring while trying to avoid air bubbles in the mixture.

I am using foam to hold the belt buckle level and still.

My second design…

Now I wait and wait.  And wait… I will update in a week (or two).   Resin seems to take forever to dry!