I made an airplane design on a t-shirt using a Clorox gel bleach pen back on Valentine’s Day and I described the process here on the blog.  After seeing an adorable swirly pattern on a yoga shirt I was inspired to pull the bleach pen out again.  Once I assembled my supplies I froze.  I didn’t have a pattern to trace and didn’t feel confident making the attempt free hand (even though the t-shirt was a clearance item I had purchased for $3.24)!  Elleri offered to help and she took over.  And, then we collaborated to create something more her style.  Then we were on a roll pulling out every t-shirt we could find in my stock of t-shirts.  We even created gifts for friends we will see tomorrow (the shirts are still drying but one is included as photograph below).  There is some magic in the process – as we are discovering you never know what color will emerge behind the bleach gel!