Preparing for a lovely day… I encouraged the girls to join me in making Valentine cards for their friends but they balked and I am a tiny bit crushed.  We are collaborating on something big for 2.14 though.  I was perplexed on a meaningful and thoughtful gift for Mark so I decided to make him something!

I started with these supplies:

the supplies…

I borrowed a page from his aircraft book (it has 300 pages so I assumed I could use one page!).  I trimmed an airplane image to create a guide for my new bleach pen.  I found mine at Target for a couple dollars.  I inserted a piece of wax paper inside the shirt (between the t-shirt layers) in attempt to eliminate any bleach from affecting the back of the shirt.

I used tape to secure the airplane image on the t-shirt.

Using the tip of the bleach pen, I created an outline of the aircraft shape.  I let the gel of the bleach work its magic on the fabric for about five minutes.  I used cold water to rinse the bleach gel.

Freshly washed!

On Valentine’s Eve, I feel compelled to publish my top 10 favorite lovely songs at this moment!    What are your favorite love songs?

10. Never Tear Us Apart, INXS

9. Pride (In the Name of Love), U2

8. Songbird, Eva Cassidy

7. These are the Moments, Edwin McCain

6. Your Song, Elton John

5. Green Eyes, Coldplay

4. The One Who Loves You the Most, Brett Dennen

3. Sweet Avenue, Jets to Brazil

2. Let Us Love or Something Beautiful, Needtobreathe (its a tie for #2)

1. Love You Till the End, The Pogues  Preview this track