retro trio camera shy

Let’s chat about facing the lens…I live behind the shutter and am unquestionably timid near the lens.  I wrote about my fear of facing the lens a couple of years ago.  Ask me to take a selfie?  My inner child emerges and eye contact becomes a struggle. Awkward is (and was) my modus operandi.

Do you strike a pose on a whim?  Or, do you decline when asked to smile for the camera?

I have collected thousands of precious photographs of my family and friends over the years but wish I had more images with my daughters – more evidence of what we have shared through the years.  Ashley Ann Campbell, of Under the Sycamore, has a powerful message about the power of recording our presence.  She says, “Face the camera – maybe for the kids or the dog or our parents. Someone loves you and wants it noted that you are walked this beautiful earth.  When we look at pictures of those we love, we see them not their flaws. I want my kids to have pictures of me from their childhood. I love looking back at pictures of my parents and grandparents from years past. I want my kids to have that too.”  She teaches online, self-paced photography courses.  To find out more click here.  (Not an affiliate link.)

In a baby-step effort to insert myself into the frame, I have been playing with a “momentum” technique.   I invite inertia to the scene.   It elevates my bravery when I am the lens’ target.  Jumping around and twirling are my favorite moves.  If one of my daughters is behind the shutter, they likely will roll their eyes at my antics; but we always, always, always laugh.

FotoJet Collage joy jumps

A representative from FotoJet invited me to evaluate FotoJet’s online photo editing and design software.  I jumped at the chance!  This isn’t a “paid” gig – just my opinions.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 9.25.00 PM

I quickly went down the rabbit hole clicking through FotoJet’s key interface options:  design, collage and edit.  Do you need a new Facebook cover image or other graphic element?  FotoJet offers several templates and once you select a design, you can customize it to your branding requirements or design preferences.  I updated the Ordinary Creative Facebook banner in minutes.

fb banner ordinary creative

Need a YouTube channel banner?  FotoJet’s options seem endless.  I created the banner below for my one and only video. You will love the simplicity and intuitive options.  And, did I mention FotoJet is FREE!  Premium options unlock for a couple of dollars a month.

ordinary creative banner wings

My favorite feature is the array of collage options.  I highly recommend you link to FotoJet’s website and create a collage!

The photo editing features are terrific.  Want to convert a photo to sepia?  There are five standard shades of sepia offered behind the “effect” button.  In addition, if you want to refine and edit your sepia image further – you will find a bottomless repository of options at your fingertips. The same holds true for converting an image to black and white.  Or adding text.

Sepia Options inside FotoJet

To all of you confident photogenic friends… what is your secret?

And for my fellow camera-shy visitors… I hope today you will bravely face the lens.  Yes, today.

I did.

Does this remind you of “Flightless Bird” (Iron & Wine)?

Or “Free Bird” (Lynyrd Skynyrd)?

Let’s connect!  I would love to see your brave photos – featuring of course, the magical, extraordinary – YOU (inside the frame)!   If you love Instagram like I do, consider using the hashtag #braveintheframe and we can encourage one another!  You can tag @ordinarycreative if you want.   And while you’re on that hashtag, pop over to another brave account and spread a little love.   xo