Sipping Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea with a Diet Coke chaser and pondering… what could I possibly create today?  Seriously.  I am still happy (post-marathon) but honestly I would rather watch television than create today.  Thank you coffee mug for inspiring me!

I found a couple Goodwill-purchased wine glasses and my chalkboard spray paint and got busy.  I taped off the stem from the cup using duct tape (overkill for sure but it is all I could find).  I applied the chalkboard spray paint to the stem. Next time I try this I will wear disposable gloves!  My hands have a light black spray effect and it is not washing off.   Once I find a piece of chalk, I will test the outcome!  I would love to create additional glasses for a future party adding each guest’s name or an inspired quote!

Classic glass wine glasses.