I am designating this week: teen project week!  Every day the girls will research a project they want to tackle and we will document the results.  Today they found a link on Pinterest for a crayon melt canvas (source link provided at the end of this post). Color me happy!
Ready to make one?

1. Create a row of colorful crayons on the top of a blank art canvas. We selected vibrant colored crayons with the intention of a more happy outcome (no brown, no black!).  Using tacky glue, we attached the crayons (a hot glue gun would work as well).

2. Allow the glue to dry and then blast the crayons with a hair dryer to create the melt.  The girls discovered it was a team effort (one held the canvas, one blasted the dryer).   An important tip they recommend is holding the canvas at an angle.

3. Enjoy the show as the color trickles down the canvas.

Source:   Craft for Kids: Melted Crayon Canvas Art – Heidi Klum on AOL