“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely,

every hundredth of a second.” 

– Marc Riboud

My camera travels with me everywhere.  I am obsessed with capturing life’s little moments and learning the art of photography along the journey.  The trouble brews when I pull out my heavy camera in pursuit of honoring a moment… only to find the message “no card in camera” displayed on the screen.  I ultimately miss the moment and waste additional minutes digging to find an SD card.  I have had several recent situations where brilliant photo moments evaporated since I wasn’t equipped with an SD card.

Today’s creative challenge was to design a functional solution.  I contemplated making a cute bracelet encapsulating an SD card with the plan to wear it everywhere and everyday.  I hit a design flaw when I considered how I could make it waterproof for daily wear.

My second idea was more pragmatic.  I used an SD card case and jewelry pin as my supplies.  I drilled a teeny tiny hole into the upper right corner of the SD case.  I used the pin to make a wire connector from the SD card case, attaching it to the camera strap ring.  I am hopeful that this will be the perfect solution…