“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy;

they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” 

– Marcel Proust

We are still in the midst of a top-to-bottom “de-clutter and clean” project!  Just when I thought I couldn’t summon the energy to tackle this for another day, we  uncovered a few treasures which provided an energy boost!  Sweet rewards and affirmations that this is a very worthwhile endeavor.

First, the girls found a letter written to me from my beloved grandmother Evelyn.  It was dated Feb. 3 (a week before our shared birthday but the year was omitted). Based on the content of the letter, it was written in the 80s!   It was amazing to see her handwriting, read her words and hear her voice in my head, especially when she ended the letter with this comment… “Don’t work too hard and I love you!”   Just the momentum shift I needed when feeling the overwhelm of unfinished tasks.

In the kitchen there was a sweet find:  four boxes of Girl Scout cookies!  Whoop!  No Thin Mints but it was still fun to rip open the boxes!

Late in the day another buried treasure surfaced!  I found a mirror I bought last June in New Brunswick, Maine at a boutique called Nest!  I apparently stored the mirror in a “special” place for future use… only to completely forget all about it!   Double bonus as this mirror was the ounce of inspiration I needed for today’s project!

The mirror from Maine!

The work in progress!

I used a jig saw to trim this curvy shape with a little help from my dad!

Up close peak at the quote.  I love this aged paper!

The finished frame.  Drying!