Have you seen the way Elena Shumilova has captured the magic of her children through her ethereal photographs?  Completely smitten with her dreamy style.  She has a beautiful way of illustrating how pets enhance our lives.  Truly inspired.  Click here and prepare to be inspired.


Photo Credit: Elena Shumilova

I am attempting to transfer some of my beloved photos from my Mac to my world.  I have loved this photo since I snapped it about two years ago.  I have never printed it, shared it or honored it properly.   Until today.

em dog

This is my daughter who proclaimed at the tender age of 2 that she wanted a dog.  I responded that we would adopt a dog when she turned 9.  My childhood didn’t include a dog so adding a dog to our family picture was not on my radar.  I honestly thought she would forget about her request (and my promise).  But on every birthday (and on several occasions in between) she reminded me of my promise.

As a gesture of love and honoring promises, we made her dream come true at 9 and adopted a dog.  The first few months were a little challenging, but Missy quickly assumed her role as the heart-center of the family.

Today’s project: one table + one beloved photo + sealer


Here’s how…

1.) Dream big.
2.) Do not talk yourself out of your idea ;).  Find a table top you could re-purpose.  I found this table in my studio.
3.) Print your image.  I outsourced my print job sending the .jpg file to my local Office Max via an email request for a print 19 x 14.5 inches to fit the table’s dimensions.
4.) Attach the photo to a table.  Once dry, add a sealer.  I applied a spray polyurethane in a matte finish.



Farewell January!


In case you wonder what -9 degrees looks like… I snapped this on 1.27.14. I focused on the bubble, not the grey sky and blowing snow!