“Running is the ultimate faith healer,

restoring faith not only in oneself but also in life’s possibilities.”

Bart Yasso

I was gifted with the book, My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso last year.  It was such a sweet gesture as the book included a personal message to me from the author on the inside jacket.  Thank you Cheri Cope from the Athletic Mind for this gift.  I love Yasso’s wisdom (and humor) revealed in this book.  It’s really a memoir about the challenges and rewards of running.  My favorite segment was about a race in the Chitwan National Park in Nepal where Yasso was chased by an agitated rhinoceros.  Its laugh-out-loud funny and I appreciated the photos sprinkled throughout the book.  I believe newbie and seasoned runners would adore this book.

My family teases me that I believe that running solves all life’s problems.  If I hear someone complaining about an ache or pain, I recommend they go for a run.  Someone sad?  Go run.  Contemplating a big decision?  Mull it over while running.  The list of ailments that running cures… well its endless (at least in my humble opinion – of course you can substitute any activity that you love:  yoga, biking, etc.).  To prove my point, I framed my prized author autograph today as Mr. Yasso seemingly proves my theory!

“Never limit where running can take you.”

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