The day started dreary and groggy:  6 a.m. officially felt like 5 a.m.  During my first work errand I found myself driving 65 then in the midst of a torrential downpour everyone slowed to a calmer 50 mph.  I couldn’t see and had to trust the brake lights ahead of me.  Irritated with the rain it took a second to notice when I was back in the office parking lot that my car was clean – like car wash clean!   At my desk two minutes later I found three emails from a new friend I met at a training session last week – all three emails were shared knowledge to help me through a work challenge. A gift from a relative stranger.  Or maybe signs of hope?

I put some gauges on a shelf at work and found at our two steel stamp sets and today’s project formulated in my mind!  With permission to borrow this set I was off and running with my idea.  I have tried this idea and failed several times.  Today I am trying again with renewed hope (and new techniques to test).  If you receive these updates on your phone click to display images so you can see the project unfold via this series of photos.

The stamp set!

Selecting the letters I need. Yes the P looks odd but it will work precisely for this project!

Using a concrete base I found success.

Tiny charm treasures…

I enhanced the letters a bit..

A finished product!

These will be donated to our store of hope and for sale at the Ann’s Hope 5K Run and 3K Walk on Sunday, May 20 at the Milwaukee County Zoo!  Join us?  For more information, click here: Ann’s Hope Foundation for Melanoma.