Tuning into wonder is a lifelong journey that transforms our ordinary days into an extraordinary life.

Perhaps it is a 3-step process:

Observe. Wonder. Praise.

Repeat.  Repeat. Repeat.
What if we embraced an intentional practice where we train our eyes to see instead of glance?
What if we observed daily blessings, amid our daily life?

What if we accepted Wayne Dyer’s challenge and we incorporated this five-minute-a-day-regimen into our routine?


Nature offers us a shift in our attention, activating a natural spontaneous sense of wonder through the soft texture of milkweed and moss, the way the sun sinks or rises, light inside raindrops, bird songs and the expanse of the ocean.

 What if we cultivate this skill (focusing on life’s treasures) and allow it to permeate our approach to interacting with others?  What if we applied the same reverie and honored the wonder illuminating our loved ones, neighbors, friends and acquaintances?
What if it ignited our confidence to initiate more discussion, to build laughter bridges and to show up to listen to the story of others?  Isn’t that the ultimate goal here – to build sacred connections?  I wrote about it this topic a few months ago.  Click here to rewind to that post.
I hope you agree that our dance with life depends on our ability to sustain wonder.
And, I hope you find time to listen to “Heart Hope” by Oh Wonder.  You can read the song’s wise lyrics via this link.
 I would love to hear your thoughts on these “what if” questions in the comments below.