It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer.”  ~Shanna LaFleur

Tonight I am working with Elleri to create birthday gifts for an adored friend from her dance company.  She is applying acrylic jewels with fabric glue creating words and designs on a pink t-shirt.  I am working on a second t-shirt gift.  I am pretty excited that Elleri is embracing the creative approach to celebrating her friends’ birthday.  Working away on our respective projects we just had a fun conversation about all the dance quotes she loves.  Her favorite appears at the top of this post!

The bling!

My project involves a t-shirt and Avery Fabric Transfer paper.  I used a Flickr site with an amazing collection of letter photographs to select unique d a n c e letters.  You will find hundreds of alphabet options – click HERE!  I printed the letters on a sheet of Avery Fabric Transfer paper.  After trimming each letter, I  individually placed each on the blank t-shirt. The Avery package includes specific step-by-step instructions so I will illustrate my process with photos.