Happy Friday!  Rolling out a new Friday tradition here featuring topics related to photography. This might include photo editing tips, composition tips or projects built with photos!  Why?  Because I am head-over-heels in love with everything related to photography!  I want to use my photos and give them life outside my Mac.  I hope you will find some inspiration and join me in using your beloved photos in creative ways.

So, without further ado…

new year grid

I used PicMonkey (complimentary photo editing software) to create a 3 x 3 grid using the collage tool.  PicMonkey allows you to edit each square of the grid individually.  I tried to capture that dreamy Instagram-feel within each square.  I built the grid using photo favorites from 2013.*

Next, I was ready to create greeting cards based on 4 x 4 matte prints.  I tried to print the file via my usual sources:  Snapfish, Walgreen’s and Target but I encountered problems printing square images since these vendors are geared toward printing 4 x 6 photos (or larger).  I struggled to find a square solution even after reading online tutorials about using Photoshop to adjust my file so that I could print in 4 x 6 (with the 4 x 4 photo and white space)… but it wasn’t the quick and easy solution I was looking for!

I turned to my local friends at Office Max for assistance!  With several grids up on a page I found an inexpensive option (6 images per page at 99 cents per print).  Equipped with the card ingredients (4 x 4 “photos,” paper, double-sided tape, etc.) I created the cards I envisioned.



While at Office Max, I also ordered a larger 10 x 10 print on a matte photo paper.  I attached the print to a burlap canvas with a light layer of Mod Podge!   


I added a word from my Brave Girls' tissue paper!

I added “loved” from my Brave Girls’ tissue paper.

Did you find your word for 2014?

Did you find your word for 2014?  Tissue paper available from the Brave Girls website.

*Note: I only include my photos on this blog unless otherwise noted.  In the grid: bottom row middle and bottom row far right photos were taken by the talented Amy Bruss of Thistle & Muse.