Back in February I scored at Goodwill!  Happy dance in the rear of the store on Feb. 14, 2012 when I discovered a lovely armoire.  The beauty of this purchase was perfect on many levels: supporting the GW mission, having assistance as I loaded the small (albeit heavy) furniture into the rear of my small SUV, the opportunity to dream of its makeover (I contemplated using maps from an old encyclopedia or adorable Smock paper and Mod Podge) and of course, the future function in our house!

With the bedroom makeover underway I became determined to make a decision on its transformation.  Analysis paralysis had to end!  To begin, I moved the furniture out and into the garage, placing it on a large piece of tarp.

Recently I read about a new Rust-Oleum product called  Furniture Transformations.  Essentially, the product claims to bypass the striping, sanding and priming traditionally associated with giving old furniture new life.  I have never actually tried striping/sanding/priming but the process sounds painful and time-consuming.

Anyway, I decided to try this product on this piece of furniture! I invested in the $39 kit at my local Home Depot. Funny – this product cost more than the furniture but I will be able to makeover more than this one armoire with this box!).  I selected the Kona “tint.” There are multiple options (like a menu) illustrated on the top of the box. Once you select a color, the friendly folks at the paint counter mix it accordingly.

The instructions are easy to follow and there are 3-4 steps based on the look you aspire to achieve. I started with the supplied scrub pad and the deglosser product (step #1).  This step was a simple cleaning process to remove grime, dust and fingerprints.

Step #2 moves you direct to applying the stain or your bond coat.

The second coat of stain is drying on this drawer.

The second coat is in the drying stage!

Step #3 involves an optional gloss product to provide a decorative glaze.  I decided to skip this step but according to the instructions you apply it and wipe it off.

Tomorrow I will assess whether a third “bond” coat is required and finish with the final top coat (step #4)!  I am hoping to finish up and move it up to the guest room.  I will post photos once complete.  So far my assessment of the Rust-Oleum product can be summed up in one word:  FANTASTIC.

Stay tuned!