Though the sun has set on September, I am asking for one last favor before you fully jump into October…  If you haven’t heard about G9: Gold in September, please stop everything and watch this video.

Once you hear Annie’s message of hope, I believe your heart will fill with gold.  You will want to follow G9 on Facebook and Twitter and ultimately find a meaningful way to join Annie in turning awareness into action.

Did You Know?

“Every day, approximately 36 children are diagnosed with cancer. Pediatric cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease in children and the incidence of invasive cancer in children is up 29% in the last 20 years. Despite the need for progress and resolution, childhood cancer awareness and, thus, financial support has not reached the same national level as other cancer awareness campaigns. In order to turn the tide and achieve the kind of success necessary to create a wave of optimism for the children and families affected by childhood cancer, a strong, unifying brand is essential for the national market. Gold In September™ (G9) will be the catalyst for change. With the color gold as the national color for childhood cancer and September (the 9th month) as the recognized National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the G9 Project combines impact with simplicity. A national campaign will raise much-needed awareness by encouraging people to take action. The end result will, ultimately, lead to the development of new childhood cancer therapies and initiatives across the country and bring us closer to cures.”   Source: G9: Gold in September website


Personally, Annie inspired me to action during September and I fully support the nation turning pink beginning today (10.1.13)… but let’s honor the glow of September all year.