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If you reading this on September 30th* you still have time today to Go Gold.  It is a verb.  A call to action.  Paint your heart gold and honor September for its noble place on the calendar.  There is still time to fill the final box on the September grid.


Let me introduce you to someone who can explain it all better than anyone I know.  Please take a peak at this video; I promise it will be the best few minutes you spend online today.

Annie’s message of hope will inspire you to find a meaningful way to back her mission: for everyone to know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  As awareness rises, hope soars.  Let’s propel Annie’s mission forward with final flurry of action.  A collective march before the calendar flips to pink.

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A few ideas…

Donate to a pediatric cancer charity in your area or support Annie’s million dollar goal.  Research is the path to a cure.

Whisper sacred prayers of resilience for kids affected. And then pray for their nurturing families.

Follow Gold in September on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram.

Pray for the medical teams providing treatment or conducting research.

Contact your local Children’s Hospital to inquire about items they might need (books?) or inquire about volunteer opportunities.

If you are able, consider donating blood. Or volunteer at a local blood drive.

Wear G9 apparel (available at goldinseptember.com) or purchase one of Sevenly’s meaningful shirts.  This collection of Sevenly t-shirts supports patients and families as they battle childhood cancer.

Write your representatives in congress requesting government’s funding of pediatric cancer research.

Support or launch a childhood cancer initiative in your backyard.

Set up a lemonade stand.


Listen to Rachel Patten’s Fight Song or Taylor’ Swift’s song, Ronan.  Maybe by next September someone will write and record a Gold in September anthem (song).

And, maybe, just maybe, these statistics will shift.

childhood cancer statistics

I would love to hear what you did this September.  Especially your Go Gold ideas!

*Of course we can carry a heart of gold all year;

and find meaningful ways to support this cause every day.