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Hello there!  Hope you are enjoying sunshine and stepping into summer with ease.  Unless of course you live in Australia… then I hope you are stepping into the warmth of winter with a nice cup of tea.

A delightful explosion of color is unfolding in my backyard.  Its our second spring season in this house so I am still getting acquainted with the landscaping.  More precisely, I am constantly evaluating the plants trying to determine: weed or intentional plant or flower?  Here is one thing I know for sure… last spring there was not one single blooming iris.  Today they are popping up everywhere.  Perhaps the polar vortex was just what the iris bulbs require to sing their version of Joy to the World.  I really want to show you every single iris that I have photographed but I will limit my iris gallery to two images.  Or three! IMG_1157 IMG_1164


All this color is inspiring a spray paint flurry.  I have a sweet affinity for the magic of spray paint.  Do you?  I gave my “oh-so-2013” purple flower pots a new look this week.   This is a super simple project and I hope you take a peak and then go paint!  I started by applying a solid color to each flower-pot, covering up all that purple with lime green.  Once dry, I used painter’s tape to create the stripes and applied the final spray of robin egg blue.



I transformed the once mauve bird cage to a periwinkle planter.  You can see a tiny spec of leftover mauve on the ring at the top.  After adding a layer of sand to the cage’s bottom, I carefully moved a few plants through the cage door and tossed in a lot of moss.


The yellow iris population outnumbers other colors by a landslide. It feels like a sign.  A symbolic indicator to yield (slow down) and be present during these newborn summer days.  Did you know that yellow officially represents optimism, enlightenment and creativity?  Where is the best spot to honor the sweetness of summer?


A yellow porch swing, of course.

I picked up a raw wood porch swing kit at Menards for about $60.  Two cans of yellow spray paint were required to cover the 4 foot swing.

I will be treating the swing to a sealing coat of paint this weekend.  Have you seen the Rust-oleum product, Never Wet?  It provides a liquid repelling treatment which I hope will extend the swings’ life.  At least until I re-paint it.


Are you patiently waiting forThe Fault in Our Stars to hit the big screen?  I already bought the soundtrack.  And right in the middle of an ordinary day I discovered Kodaline’s music.  All I Want (track 5) starts with simple and tender layers of music and heartfelt lyrics.  Then midway through the song the guitar crescendos and the song transforms from great track to masterpiece.  I just can’t explain it.  This fact might help make my point: this one little song lead me to purchase every song that Kodaline has on iTunes.  True story.  Ed Sheeran’s, All the Stars is pretty amazing too.

I will leave you with a summer manifesto!  I discovered it when I received it imprinted on a t-shirt as a gift.  Wait to you get to the line about “shapeshifting from a dreamer into a doer.”   It is a precise reflection that represents every little creative project here on the blog.

love this life manifesto Click here to hop to the Love this Life website.

* Did you know that Bob Marley died at age 36 as a result of malignant melanoma?  Please practice sun safety this summer: use sunscreen, wear a hat and sunglasses.  Learn more at Ann’s Hope Foundation.

Thanks for stopping by!  Now, go paint something.