photo-87“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely,
every hundredth of a second.”
– Marc Riboud

Tonight I am celebrating an “aha moment” about the life lessons my camera teaches me.  This year gratitude is my one little word and my guiding light.  I have been carrying heartfelt pain for a friend who suffered an unimaginable loss last month and April showers emerged as a torrential downpour of tears in our community.  Cultivating gratitude, while cloaked in sadness, feels like a superpower far beyond my grasp.  Today my lens adjusted.  My focus shifted to noticing blessings while snapping and editing photos.  An ounce of gratitude emerged through the light in the cracks.

water dance 2

Arcs of magic.


The wonder of dawn breaking the night’s darkness.

nature challenge flower

Nature’s splendor.

baby fawn ordinary creative photo

The gifts of new life.

heart common grackle bird

And a common grackle showed me her blue heart.

A poignant reminder that even when the rain falls, love is all there is.

To pamper my camera, I cleaned my lens and made a new DIY camera strap using a scarf.  I receive more questions about my camera strap than my camera model.  Here is a simple tutorial for creating a new strap!


  1. Find two key rings and select the scarf you want to convert to a camera strap.  Select a scarf you are comfortable with cutting if necessary to trim its length.
  2. Remove your factory-issued Canon, Nikon or other camera strap.
  3. Thread one key ring on each side of the camera.
  4. Loop one end of the scarf through one key ring and tie a knot in the scarf.  Tie a second knot pulling the fabric as tight as you can.  Size the scarf strap before looping the second side and creating the two knots. You can bypass sewing!


This is my third DIY camera strap.  The other two never failed. I trust the knots to keep the camera safely secure.  I simply wanted a new look.  This scarf is very soft and forgiving and much more comfortable than the original Canon strap.  It also shields the camera and lens if I am caught in inclement weather.  When light rain or snow catch me off guard, I wrap the scarf around the entire camera body.  Of course it isn’t a perfect or waterproof solution; but it offers some protection from nature’s elements.


Do you ever snap a photo only to find a “no card in camera” greeting displayed?  I designed a functional solution by carrying a spare SD card on my camera strap key ring.


To make the SD card case, drill a teeny tiny hole into the corner of a case.  I attached a zipper pull to the case and looped it through the camera strap ring. Now if my SD card is in my computer versus my camera, I have a handy spare.  I added the charm embellishment because… I am a total dork. I love signs of faith everywhere.

I am grateful you here and I will leave you with a song to serenade your projects:  “I Turn my Camera On,” by Rock Kills Kid.


In my last post, Life is in the Lyrics, we celebrated a Blog Hop in honor of Grace Notes, the new Bella Grace Magazine blog and I announced a giveaway.  The two winners are Jen H. (Bella Grace magazine) and Amy S. ($25 iTunes gift card).  I will be in touch this week with details on shipping your gifts.