My companion for 2016 is one little word: gratitude.  I don’t know how a simple word can manifest its way into one’s life; but I wholeheartedly believe in the power of this practice.  How is your year unfolding?

Randy Pausch quote

In 77 days we will celebrate and usher in a new year (and a new word).  My 2016 labor of love is Project 77 – a gratitude practice that I will reveal soon.  Today I am simply sharing a peak below. I hope to inspire you to ignite your plans for 2016, in case they were pushed aside.


I just rearranged a neglected game closet.  I am making space for my latest passion – encaustic art.  The dance piece above was created on an encaustic board and covered with layers of beeswax and resin.  The teens haven’t played Battleship for a while so I moved it along with a few other games to my car for a future Goodwill stop.  When I found the etch a sketch hiding beneath Monopoly I took a break to play. Scribble, twirl (the knobs) and honor the creative spark when it arrives. Then shake it up and watch it disappear.  A three-step process of wonder, create and release.

everything is becoming

Nothing ever is. Everything is becoming.

Is there wisdom in an etch a sketch philosophy?  Shake things up and create a clean slate of try, try again.  Turn upside down and witness everything simply flow away like the grains inside the screen.


I will leave you with an anthem on gratitude and my wish for you… I hope you seize the remaining days of 2016!

Click here for more on the topic of gratitude.  Humbly honored to know Jasmine and witness her consistent attitude of gratitude, even in the eye of the storm.

So thankful you are here.