find sacred in ordinary series ordinary creativeIt wasn’t an extraordinary day.  It was a laundry folding, fridge cleaning, grocery shopping, bill paying, weed pulling, dish washing, flower picking, crepe making ordinary Saturday.  A simple summer day where the teeter-totter of life touched the ground and stayed; after a string of recent delightfully blessed Saturdays where travel, laughter and friends created the alchemy of extraordinary.

A little extra effort is necessary to find gratitude in the mundane.

I have been intentionally working on a daily practice of gratitude this year.  It is easy to incorporate into my day when my favorite yoga teacher asks our class to reflect on the four things we are most grateful for; harder to conjure in the rhythm of long to do lists.

So I assembled a gratitude list: on an ordinary day.


What about you?
Where did ordinary intersect with extraordinary?picmonkey_image-3