“Have a happy heart.”

My happy heart quote… or at least I think its my quote.  This tiny phrase has fallen out of my mouth at least a million times during conversations with the girls. It was on replay more frequently when they were toddlers…. but I recently pulled it out of storage and I have been sprinkling this simple statement in our conversations.  Does it impact their day or attitude?  The jury is still out.

I have been moving vacation photos from my camera to my Mac and  just organized my heart photos!   I just noticed that the heart in the birch tree image actually reveals two hearts. I love that!   The first heart is very obvious of course but the other is hidden.  Do you see it?

I had a few minutes in a store today and I was flipping through a book… this page appeared and I snapped a photo!  Now that I am 224 days into this year 2012 goal and living my word of the year (create) it was nice to see a little affirmation from the universe that yes, indeed create every day is a realistic dream.  Well, every week day that is!