creativityI have been struggling with creative confidence lately wondering if I have anything worthwhile to share.  Popping around Pinterest originally left me inspired and motivated.  Lately it has led me to the well of inadequacy.  Who am I to declare I have anything creative to offer?  Does anyone care about altered candles, DIY frames or Mod Podge?  Seriously!

Just when I was ready to close the door on the creative room (see… I can’t call it a studio), I read a wise post on the Flower Patch Farmgirl blog.  The thoughtful (and often f u n n y) blog author Shannan declared: “When admiration turns to envy, it’s a pesticide of creativity and courage.”  Um hello.  Speak to me you little brilliant sentence.  Rewind.

Slowly, the aha moment arrived.  It was one of those incidents where a little cluster of words makes your brain scramble to re-wire.  Blog hop over to see what resonates with you.  I promise Shannan will lift you up, make you think and lead you to laughter.

When I have aha moments while running I often ask my friends, “Where is the confetti falling out of the sky?”  I recently found the confetti (photo proof below).



The wisdom of the aha moment*?
Follow the path of creativity with faith. 

So I got busy working on a wall of faith.  The ingredients: my collection of crosses (they have been sitting in a cabinet since our move) and the advice of a friend at the base of the ladder handing me nails and brilliant advice on where to position each cross.

At dusk. New light. New look.

At dusk – new light equals a new look.  Symbolic bliss.

I hope your summer is filled with
aha moments
and creativity.
Keep calm and create on.
* Did you know aha moment appears in the dictionary?
aha moment : a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension