“Loving you is easy; we do it every day.

Missing you is heartache; that never goes away.”

~author unknown

Last year I wrote about losing a bright light in our family.

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Today started with Pandora and a rainy morning drive to school. The mood was quiet until a Brad Paisley lyric brought a flood of memories rushing in.  When I Get Where I am Going:  the melody felt like serendipity; a gentle reminder that there really are no coincidences.  You see… that song was the soundtrack to the video I made for her funeral.

In the never-ending process of cleaning my creative room I recently found a hand-stamped piece that Heather made for her son (my nephew) along with her heart stickers.


He was 9-months. His memory of his mom is our responsibility: the photos and stories we share are his link to her.  Seeing Heather’s stamped letters was like finding a buried treasure.  I quickly transformed this into a gift for him.



And, those heart stickers…  Well, they are significant too. Heather introduced me to the magic of heart shapes, especially those you capture with your camera.

I will never forget picking up a package of developed photos on her behalf to use in the video I was creating in the fog of grief.  The clerk handling the transaction was a mess of tears after I explained  why Heather wasn’t the one to pick up her photos.  Reflecting back on that transaction, I love that Heather made a connection with the clerk.  Her beautiful heart made an imprint on everyone.


Beach hearts from our recent trip to San Juan.


Gifting these to family members.


I still miss my creative soul-sister.

Especially today.