As you know I am photo-obsessed and today I created several frames using a top-secret technique.

Drum roll… today I am revealing my top-secret ingredients for my transparent photos!

I love printing on obsolete transparency sheets from my office (think overhead projectors!).  I love the way the light shines through and the fact that photos have a totally different look and feel when printed on transparent paper.

In the sample I am featuring here today, I printed an edited concert photo.  I printed the image on an Inkjet printer adjusting the setting to transparency paper. I trimmed the print and placed it in a backless frame (in other words, I  used a frame consisting of two pieces of glass sandwiched between the black frame with no back. Does my description make any sense?  These are perfect for a window sill.

The nature of the broken
Spirit of the chosen
We stand alone
A journey through the purpose
The weight of when it’s worthless
The roads don’t show
In the middle of our reckoning time

The Reckoning

Lyrics by: Bo Rinehart

Recorded by: Needtobreathe