Hello Pennsylvania.

It’s a whirlwind of de-clutter, organize and simplify.  We are systematically cleaning our home and determining what to keep, donate, recycle or toss.  A friend over at the Domestic Wormhole blog was recently in the midst of a kitchen remodel which prompted a review of the contents of every drawer and cupboard.  I remember reading about how she subjected her kitchen gadgets and tools to a rigorous round of questioning.  For example, “Do you take up space that is proportional to the amount of happiness that you provide?”  Her philosophy is absolutely brilliant!  I loved her story of subjecting each spatula, spoon, pan, bowl, waffle iron,  to two primary criteria:  1.) has the item been used it in the past few months and if not;  2.) does it bring happiness to the family.  If the item failed both criteria – the item it was out the door to work its magic in some other kitchen.   For me the kitchen is like a foreign land.  I am so out of my comfort zone that a lot of my tools and equipment would fail the “used recently rule.”  But that happiness rule will allow me salvage my lemon juicer, my tin root beer float glasses, my cake pop pan and several other potential treasures.

My motto can be summed up in one short sentence – I have a kitchen because it came with the house.  So I made this today…

The bin I filled at Goodwill today!

Once the cleaning was finished, we were in full birthday celebration mode and off to explore Pennsylvania.

A Pittsburgh sunset.

The birthday girl and Missy enjoying the spectacular view.