When I started this project on January 1, 2012 I mentally prepared for 365 posts, following a weekday project and weekend photo framework.  I seriously contemplated taking today off (2.29.2012)!   Energy ran low and it seemed logical to skip the day that is usually not part of the calendar.  However… I remembered my great collection of leaping photos.  The girls (and their friends) are very cooperative and patient with my need to snap joyful jumping photos – no matter where they are or what they are wearing (fancy dresses? they still jump!).  So how could I ruin the streak just because I was stalked by a lazy pattern in my day?  The fun and functional project was percolating in my mind and came to fruition while watching Modern Family.

I started with this packet of push pins that have been in the “makeover” bin for a long time…. I decided to convert them to leap pins.

The original push pins.

I inserted several beloved photos on a blank document in Word adjusting the photo size to be the approximate size necessary for the round one inch project.  I printed the page on my desktop Epson printer.  I traced the frame of each push pin on the photo image with a pencil and trimmed the image with scissors (I wish I had a one inch punch as it would make perfect circles!).  Using Mod Podge I applied each image to the push pin and used it as a sealer / top coat.  These put the fun in functional.

The all newly improved “leap” pins!