I remember disputing with my dad, whose favorite season is fall, that I do not share his love of the season.  I announced this as a child, repeated it throughout my teen years and even as a young adult.  I could only see brown in the trees of the midwestern towns where I lived.  I saw the tree transition from summer to fall as a step toward a winter death.  I remember dreading what is on the other side of fall (cold, snow, icy roads).  My dad is fascinated by how every sense comes alive for him in the fall!  He loves pumpkin pie and football.  He embraces falling leaves and the vibrant colors.  This was a “the cup is half full” statement regarding the fall trees as he is color blind.  If you asked him about the color he would tell you that the textures and shades of fall look spectacular and beautiful through his color-blind eyes.  It seems ironic now that I vividly remember only seeing brown and death in the fall trees since I am blessed with vision that allows me to see the full spectrum of colors.

After discovering apple cider donuts at the Edwards Apple Orchard in Illinois several years ago, I took a step toward embracing the season of fall. I wouldn’t say I love it…but I enjoy it.  Especially when I can put my twist on the season.  Like giving this manufactured pumpkin a makeover with tissue paper and Mod Podge.  This pumpkin makes me happy.

Shrek dog.  A gift from a dog-loving friend!

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