intention quote ordinary creativeToday’s all about reflecting on 2014 and being grateful for its blessings.  Did you select one little word* for 2014 and invite it along for this trip around the sun?  I rambled about my word back in a first quarter review so I intend to keep this brief today.  Click here to hop to the review!  Or, click here to read a love letter to my 2012 word (create).  For the record, I still have a sweet spot for my 2010 word (breathe).  I don’t know how a simple word can manifest its way into one’s life; but I wholeheartedly believe in the power of this practice.

IMG_0305My mind often runs like a track athlete (it runs in circles).  It leap-frogs across a pond of chaos and floods with ideas.  Determining which ideas to plant and cultivate is a regular dilemma.  Which is why the word intention kept raising its hand during the fall of 2013 with a bossy “pick me” attitude.   Let’s just say intention proved to be a soul-stretch.

It lead to manifesting some awesome outcomes but that was balanced by desperate fails.  Ardent dreaming and futile tears.  Cups of truth and shameful lies… all equating to 365 days of living the human paradox.  Intention was not my constant companion like prior words.  This little word will require more than a year of devotion. But it is like that Foy Vance song… it is now my Guiding Light.

intention memo word of the year

I have been fishing for my 2015 word.  Has your word surfaced?  While brainstorming with my daughters I teased them that I might select P L A Y.  As in… more theater and more fun.

Other words up for consideration include adore, bloom, carpe diem, develop, emerge, faith, joy, nature, nurture, nourish, quest, sacred, thrive, trust, wonder and well, the list goes on.  I am leaning toward carpe diem simply because it seems like two for the price of one.  I can’t wait to hear about your 2014 journey and plans for 2015 and of course your word!  I will unveil mine as soon as I sign the contract.

Sending you blessings and j o y for the next 365 days.  Catch you on the calendar’s flip side…

light a light lyrics—-

*The one little word project originated from Ali Edwards, scrapbook designer and life artist.  She will be kicking off another year of her One Little Word offerings.  Pop over to her blog for brilliant tips.

A beautiful version of “Light a Light” available via this link.