Emma and a friend were bored and asking for advice on what they should do… I suggested they should go running!  With a high today of 102 they frowned at me.  I helpfully gave them the opportunity to join me in cleaning a utility closet in the basement (imagine their eye roll!).  They came up with this project on their own and they took photos to document the process.  Their goal?  Create water marble nails!

Apply a coat of white nail polish as a base coat.

Use Scotch tape to tape off the edges of each finger to minimize the amount of nail polish that is exposed to the skin in the next step.

Fill a disposable cup with water. Pour various nail polish colors onto the top of the water. Pull a toothpick through the nail polish to create a marble polish effect.

Dip each finger into the nail polish.

Try to dip nail side down… tricky!

They used a Q-tip with a dab of nail polish remover to clean up any edges where the Scotch tape wasn’t close enough to the nail bed edges.

Allow to dry!