I have been holding this sky love photo since I originally snapped the image in Florida last month!  Kicking off the month by celebrating my parent’s wedding anniversary by…what else, creating something for them!

My project begins with a scan of this photo.  Obviously they have seen the photo. However after years of sitting in a photo album it will move to a shelf or wall.  Hope they love it!

I love the retro feel of this particular photo: love the assist with the train, the church arches, the joy and those shoes.  To me this photo symbolizes a bit of relief (as if they are happy to be off to the celebration leaving the formality of the ceremony behind).  Of course, all speculation because I have yet to officially ask them.

To start my project I printed this photo on my inkjet printer on waterslide decal paper. (I used Lazertran paper.)  After trimming the image, I inserted the image  into water and watched the edges curl.  This is my first attempt in attaching a waterslide decal to a canvas!

I removed the image from the paper backing and slid it onto a square canvas.

There was a very tiny overlap on the canvas edge. I like the date stamp on this edge.

The finished canvas!