“Tension is who you think you should be. 

Relaxation is who you are.”  ~Chinese Proverb

I am a self-proclaimed and life-long spaz (is that a word?).  Sometimes that energy is helpful (like when I have a long to-do list) and sometimes I am sure it annoys others, including myself. Especially when I wake up at 3 a.m. with my mind swirling with things I should be “doing.”  In the past several months I have explored meditation by attending guided meditation classes, by embracing the meditation segment of yoga (instead of considering it the worst part) and I have tried to carve-out “quiet-my-mind-time.”  Baby steps.

I admire people that can think clearly and remain centered despite uncertain circumstances. You know the type: those that remain calm in the center of the storm.  I just love soothing souls that just exude peace and serenity.  How do they do that?

During my last “lesson” I was challenged to start by devoting five minutes a day to meditation.  As the instructor described the five-minute goal she made it sound very achievable and effective (even in teeny tiny segments!).  Of course the goal is to incrementally increase the time devoted to the practice – to eventually meditate for 40 minutes or more a day (gasp).

We all know meditation reduces stress levels by creating a safe quiet space for you to go to and hit your mental re-boot button. The practice is intended for cultivating that sense of calm within so that it can be tapped when needed .  Of course I know its not a magic bullet to eliminate stress but I think its a sacred key to better managing it.  Are you giving yourself deliberate moments of quiet each day?

During a guided mediation last summer I had an interesting and vivid image of my grandmother that has been stuck in my mind since last August (and I realize this sounds very weird).  I tried to rebuild the image on a canvas for permanent keeping.  The giant angel wings were an extra embellishment.