“When you stop & smell the flowers, life is sweet.  Witness the beauty in all you meet.” – Unknown.


These cuties live next door in their two-story coop.  They are fascinating to watch and listen to as they explore.  I love their free-range lifestyle.

I marvel at how the chicks stick together and return to the coop at night.  Admirable to watch these cuties while my own dog has to be on a leash since she would run far and wide given the freedom.  Thoughts of boundaries are absent from her adorable head.  She tolerates the chickens and has yet to chase them.  Chickens + Missy = Peace.



Booty Shaker. Chicken Dancer.

In other corners of the “hood”….

Painted beauty.

Painted beauty.

This giant jumper likes to perch near the driveway.

This giant jumper likes to perch near the driveway. He is patient and friendly.

This girly isn't the friendliest of neighbors.

This girly isn’t the friendliest on the block.  Look at her stick her nose up at me!  I believe she was on a mission to lay eggs and I was on a mission to save her as she sat in the middle of our road.  By the way, telling her to move along was very ineffective.

Tiny tadpoles!

Tiny tadpoles!

AND, drum roll…. I am back in a creative groove. This project requires about five minutes to repurpose candles.  I started with three candles plain old pillar candles. After dusting them off I printed a few graphic images trimming them to fit each candles’ diameter. I used a dab of Mod Podge to tightly attach the paper to the candle.   Most images were provided by the brilliant Melody Ross via the Brave Girls Art School – Wings Class I am enrolled in online.
Armed with my heat gun, I carefully heated the paper around candle making sure to completely cover the entire surface with heat.  This step melts the candle just enough so that the paper will attach to the candle via a thin layer of melted wax.  I also used tissue paper; melting the paper into the candle which is now covered with a thin layer of smooth wax.  Next I want to try to attach a photo!  Try this!
The paper I used for this candle provided through the Brave Girls Wings class I am currently taking. Love these free spirit wings.

Love these free spirit wings.

The tissue paper version.

The tissue paper version.

Shine On…