Today I dug out an old mirror as it just might be a great mirror for our guest room makeover!  We have guests from Minneapolis arriving on Friday so we are motivated to wrap up this room!

The before peak!  I love my outdoor spray paint area in the woods!

This mirror is a salvage from somewhere, but I can’t remember where I picked it up.   The pretend wood reminds me of the panel wood stripe on my parents old robin-egg blue 70’s station wagon.  In case you are thinking that this mirror is not so bad…. take a closer look.

Seriously – that is faux wood tone!

Embarrassing reality of step one! Plop some cardboard down to prevent the spray paint from getting on the mirror!  I did tape off the edges!

Looking better…  Thank you Rust-Oleum.

It looks “shiny” in this photo – it is more matte. I am finding it is hard to photograph a mirror!

Did you know that June 6 is National Running Day?  Did you lace up and celebrate?  I have honestly never celebrated this holiday…. until today!   I joined a group of runners at a nearby track. With every lap I reflected on how grateful I am for the gift of health and the freedom to run.  The reality is that running has brought countless blessings into my world.  Year after year, mile after mile, running is the root of immeasurable goodness:  friendships blossom, connections deepen, ideas swirl, distractions dissolve, problems diminish and joy expands.