Still trying to organize my desk… (focus might be my word of the year in 2013).  I am back trying to perfect the marriage of fabric and Mod Podge.  Simple supplies today:

I tried painting this terra-cotta pot and then I applied rub-on words but it was a bit of a fail.  New look today….  using a small piece of a sponge I applied Mod Podge to the fabric and small segments of the pot’s surface.  I used one piece of fabric on lower large segment of the pot and a separate strip on the upper edge.  I tucked the extra fabric on the bottom.

I might make three of these with complementary fabric patterns.  Surely with enough cute containers the desk organization will magically fall into place, right?  It has become crystal clear that I love to create but clean-up and putting things away is not my speciality. Grateful that Emma is an organization guru!  We have a Humpty Dumpty rhythm that goes like this… My creative space ramps up to full-blown disaster status and she sweeps in to put it all back together again.  Over and over again.