long live the heart lyric heart

Since returning from our California vacation, every post I start has no end (or middle for that matter).  I have been in a state of stall.  Here, there and everywhere.  Perhaps the diagnosis is keyboard laryngitis or I entered a creative wasteland!

In a sun-will-come-out-tomorrow moment, inspiration arrived earlier this week.  The theme song for this happy dance?  The Heart by NEEDTOBREATHE!  I honored my heart photo (above) with brilliant lyrics from the new album, Rivers in the Wasteland.  This one little song lifted me up like faithful friend.

Have you created something for the mothers or nurturing souls in your life?

I hope you find an ounce of inspiration here with three last-minute ideas!

I love adding inspiring quotes to my photos (always crediting the genius wordsmith).  In a new twist today, I added a text overlay using my own words using Pic Monkey’s online photo editing tools.


Below you will see an image I created in Word Swag.  Have you tried this sweet little app?  Let Pic Monkey or Word Swag help you to create a custom message for the moms in your life!


Or create a simple DIY coffee mug!


Grab a plain coffee mug, an oil-based Sharpie marker and alphabet stickers.

Apply stickers to the mug to spell a word or simply make a monogram using an initial.


Use a Sharpie marker and scatter tiny dots around your stickers.  Remove the stickers and…. holy cuteness.  Bake the mug in the oven (trust me) for 30 minutes at 325 degrees.  The heat helps seal the Sharpie dots.  I recommend gently washing this mug in the sink versus placing it in the dishwasher.

Thanks to the DIY Playbook for inspiring this mug project!

If you are not smitten with the mug idea… try my next idea!


This project requires a alphabet letter, a roll of earthy moss and a can of spray adhesive.  All my supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

I simply applied the spray adhesive to the giant M and attached the giant sheet of moss to the M.  I placed it moss-side down and added a few heavy books to the letter to secure the attachment between the moss to the M.  About 30 minutes later, I returned with scissors to trim the excess moss away from the letter!  I took the lazy route and skipped applying moss to the sides and back of the letter.


Joy and love to all those who nurture:

mothers, grandmothers, caregivers, volunteers, teachers, foster moms, angel moms, mom’s who have lost a child (especially those moms), moms through adoption and the endless list of lovely nurturing souls.