A few years ago I snapped this photo of a sandhill crane near my running trail.  I have been smitten with these charming birds ever since noticing the heart image on their face.  A heart!

I learned that sandhill cranes mate for life and I have been worried about all the single lonely cranes I have seen lately.  I seriously worried about the poor widows… Until it occurred to me that they are likely NOT widows but rather one partner is likely guarding the eggs (females generally lay two eggs or so I read after my worry over the widows led to research). Because cranes share incubating chores,  one mate sits on the eggs while the other explores.  And they work in shifts (brilliant, right?).

Last week I snapped some photos proving my hypothesis, the colts have arrived (the babies are referred to as colts per my research).

Distant crane family!

Distant crane family!


Crane irony.


Father and son.


Mother and daughter.
Of course I am taking creative liberty in my photo titles.  I have no idea on crane gender!


Walk this way.

I just received an awesome new lens on for my camera.

These photos were shot from long distances!  Can you believe it?

And, a song tip in honor of these beautiful birds.

Track: The Crane Wife 3
Album: The Crane Wife
Artist: The Decemberists

Crane smitten.

Are you?