Key West cutie captured on a recent trip.

Every Friday I try to include a project or online tool related to photography.   I thought it would be fun to use today’s blog post as a link to the photography blogs I find stunning and inspired.  I am forcing myself to limit this list to my current top five!  I promise you will enjoy the hop, skip and click to these spectacular worlds of photography wonder.

1.) The Shutter Sisters

Shutter Sisters – home – shine forth

This is a collaborative blog and amazing place to pour over stellar images in the midst of great storytelling.  You will love the 4.27.2012 post on the topic of light.   The book that was born out of this blog: Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sisters’ Guide to Shooting from the Heart is wonderful. Ten authors successfully transport their blog ( into a print format.  Originally I purchased the book for myself and I have bought additional copies to gift others.  Love!

2.)  Under the Sycamore

tornado until she crashes »

I stumbled upon Ashley Ann long ago and I admire her writing and spectacular photos. She has a gift for proving my theories about how a camera can serve as a portal into the moment.  She is a master at bringing beauty to the mundane.  I dream of taking one of her photography classes.  Her DIY projects are fantastic and I promise you will love her blog.  You just will.

3.) Superhero Journal

The Superhero Manifesto – Superhero Journal

Andrea Scher’s blog, Superhero Journal, brims with inspired thoughts about photography and life.  She offers online classes and I am enrolling in her Superhero Photo class that starts in July!  She promises it will transform the way you take photos and I know she will deliver.

4.) I am Momma Hear Me Roar

I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar: April 2012

This blog is as fun as its name.   Click to peak into her world…  She recently posted about Pic Monkey, an alternative online photo editing tool to the now closed Picnik site.   As you probably know, Picnik closed its site on April 19, 2012 and moved some of their most popular tools and effects to a creative kit on Google+.

5.) Thistle and Muse

22. Amy Bruss – thistle, and muse

Awesome local blogger! Proud to follow someone in my own back yard so to speak.   Amy is an inspired photographer and has a gift for capturing kids’ and joy.  Happiness literally jumps from her photos.