Missy canvas!

I printed a photo on tissue paper and attached it to a canvas for the look and feel of a “real” photo on canvas.  My style and approach doesn’t include measuring and precisely planning so I had to print a draft or two adjusting the photo size to my 5 x 7 canvas.   I trimmed a piece of white tissue paper to a size under the 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper attaching the tissue paper to regular copy paper with ordinary Scotch tape on the edges (the non-print area edges).  I used the horizontal page set up and printed with my usual printer settings (normal).  I removed the tissue paper and trimmed the image to the base size of my 5 x 7 canvas (no overlapping edges on this particular attempt).   Mod Podge attached the tissue paper and I learned the hard way that the printed tissue paper is still delicate (aka it tears easily).

I love how the canvas texture protrudes beneath the tissue paper.  It looks like a “real” canvas.  I am sure an Mpix photo canvas would be more lovely, but at this moment, I love this quick and easy way to make my own photos on canvas (at least the small versions!).

The purple paper visible under my two canvas photos is a sneak peak at my chair project, still underway.  Big reveal on Monday, Jan. 23!