One of the gifts I received after my beloved grandmother (Evelyn) passed away was one of her photo cubes.  Simple acrylic cube that held her photos.  I loved these photo cubes as a child but I think I am finally realizing the reason for my obsession with them is the memories they represent.  As a child I spent hours on my grandparents farm:  selecting eggs from the chicken coop and washing them at the sink with Evelyn, picking strawberries in her vast strawberry patch, finding raspberries behind the barn, waiting for piglets to be born, hiking to the creek, talking the cows, playing in the corn crib, feeding kittens, walking the corn fields, riding on the tractor with my grandfather… the farm memory list is endless.  And what I love is that every memory includes hands-on time with my grandparents.  They were in the chicken coop, in the strawberry patch – whatever activity was underway they were beside us.  Present and in the moment.

Age 10 sitting on near my grandmother’s front door.

My brother on my grandparent’s farm.

The starting blocks. I spray painted children’s blocks covering the letters in a coat of white. I thought the letters might be visible behind the photos so I wanted to erase them from each block.

All this nostalgia led to my photo Friday project – making photo cubes using regular old children’s blocks.  I printed photos on my desktop printer and trimmed them to the size of the block panels.  Mod Podge was used to apply and seal each printed image.  I added a light matte coat of polyurethane.