I scanned a 1944 photo.  Its an image of my grandmother, Evelyn and her toddler (my mom!).  The photo was a little scratchy and wrinkled but the scan turned out better than I imagined.  I didn’t use Photoshop to enhance the image because I love the slight imperfections.
I sized the photo to a shape I thought might fit the small tile I wanted to cover and printed it on the smooth eggshell side of Lazertran Waterslide paper.  I bought a packet last fall after reading about it in a Better Homes & Garden’s DIY magazine.  The instructions suggested changing my Epson printer setting to a high DPI setting and clicking off on high speed printing to avoid putting too much ink on the Lazertran paper.   I let the ink dry (they suggest a 30 minute dry time) and then I cut the extra paper away from the image and immersed it into water for a minute.   The decal releases from the backing sheet and I applied the image to my tile.  I applied a second image to a glass votive holder.

Now I want to make more!

Waterslide Decal source: